JAST & STLE 共催ウェビナー 2021

2021年6月29日に予定しておりました,JAST & STLE 共催ウェビナー 2021 は,講師の Nicolas Argibay 博士のご都合により,やむを得ず延期させていただくこととなりました.
なお,本ウェビナーは 8月に実施させていただく予定でございます.


このたび,日本トライボロジー学会では,アメリカ STLE(Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers)との共催によりウェビナーを開催することになりました.サンディア国立研究所の若手研究者である Nicolas Argibay博士をお迎えし,下記の要領で実施いたします.特に,若手の学生,研究者・技術者の方のご参加をお待ち申し上げます.


2021年6月29日(火) 午前10時~11時30分(日本時間)
2021年6月28日(月) 午後19時~20時30分(米国時間)


Nicolas Argibay博士
Material, Physical and Chemical Sciences Center, Sandia National Laboratories, USA


Rapid Materials Discovery at the Intersection of Additive Manufacturing and Tribology


As the sophistication and quality of metal additive manufacturing (AM) continues to improve, research in the community has shifted from feasibility studies towards process optimization. However, significant challenges remain to producing near net-shape parts with mechanical properties that compete with traditional manufacturing techniques and alloys. Achieving desirable microstructures with traditional alloys via AM remains a challenge due in large part to the inherently extreme thermal conditions; for example, a century of steel manufacturing optimization has led to processing methods that are strongly misaligned with the rapid melting and solidification typical of AM. We present results from recent efforts to recast the value proposition for metal AM by circumventing or addressing inherent limitations of AM techniques. Shifting the emphasis from process optimization towards alloy design, we will discuss the use of metal AM methods for materials discovery and systematic investigations of strengthening mechanisms in a wide range of alloys, including refractory HEAs and eutectic glass-forming alloys. We also demonstrate how tribological testing methods are a remarkably expedient, cost-effective and defect-tolerant alternative to traditional methods for the determination of structure-property relationships and aiding advanced alloy design.


Zoom を用いた英語での開催です.