Journal of Japanese Society of Tribologists Vol. 44, Nos. 1-12 (1999)
Space Tribology........................ No. 1
Cleaning Technology.....................   No. 2
Tribology of Piston Ring....................No. 3
Microtribology in Future ................... No. 6
Control of Rolling Friction.................. No. 7
Who's Who in Tribology.................... No. 8
Hard Materials.........................No. 9
Mechanical Phenomena and Friction............... No.10
Rolling Motion Technology in Linear Motion Products..... .No.11
Exhaust Emissions Regulations and Tribology of Diesel Engine..No.12
Commemorative Tribute to Professor Fujio HIRANO
To the Memory of Prof. Fujio HIRANO Yuji YAMAMOTO  2 83
To the Memory of Prof. HIRANO  Yoshitsugu KIMURA 2 84
To the Memory of Prof. Fujio HIRANO Nobuyoshi OHNO  2 85
To the Memory of Prof. Fujio HIRANO Seiho YAMAMOTO  2 86
To the Memory of Prof. Fujio HIRANO Yoshio KAWAHARA 2 87
Brief Biography 2 88
Winners of 1998 Distinguished Tribologists Award 4 217
Winners of 1998 Best Paper Award 4 218
Winners of 1998 Tribo-Technology Award 4 220
Winners of 1998 Award for Young Tribologists 4 223
Commemorative Tribute to Dr. Yutaka KATAYAMA
To the Memory of Dr. Yutaka KATAYAMA Takeshi SAITOH 5 299
To the Memory of Dr. Yutaka KATAYAMA Yukio HORI 5 300
To the Memory of Dr. Yutaka KATAYAMA Yoshitsugu KIMURA  5 301
To the Memory of Dr. Yutaka KATAYAMA Masumi KINOSHITA 5 302
Brief Biography 5 303
On the Publication of Special Issue on “ Who’s Who in Tribology ” Editorial Committee  8 585
New Year’s Greetings to the Members of Japanese Society of Tribologists Makoto NISHIMURA   1 1
Interviews : The Future of Tribology
Tribology is Specific Technology : Quantification is the Key Interviewee/Shigeho TANAKA, Interviewer/Makoto NISHIMURA 1 2
Creation of New Value for Environmental Change Interviewee/Yasuo FUJIWARA, Interviewer/Shigeyuki MORI 1 4
Automotive Technology towards the 21st Century Interviewee/Shigenori SAKURAI, Interviewer/Yoshitsugu KIMURA  2 89
“TO BEAR” with Oilless Interviewee/Tsukasa KISHIZONO, Interviewer/Yuji ENOMOTO  2 91
Commitment to be in Harmony with the Environment Interviewee/Takeshi NAHARA, Interviewer/Yuji YAMAMOTO  3 153
Progress in File Memory Devices Interviewee/Tatsuo ISHIGURO, Interviewer/Reizou KANEKO  3 155
Towards New Forms of Mobility for the 21th Century Interviewee/Tadayoshi HAYASHI, Interviewer/Hirotsugu HAYASHI 4 225
Taiho : Continuing to Pursue World-Leading Technology Interviewee/Senjiro SHIBATA, Interviewer/Koichi FUNABASHI 4 227
Advancing Rolling Bearing Technology Interviewee/Kyozaburo FURUMURA, Interviewer/Takeo YOSHIOKA  5 304
Tribology : A Key Technology for Boosting Industry Competence Interviewee/Yasutsugu TAKEDA, Interviewer/Masato TANAKA  5 306
The Precision Industry Cultivated by Tribology Interviewee/Kazuaki KIRINOKI, Interviewer/Yoshitaka UCHIYAMA  6 391
Aeronautical and Space Technology in Japan Interviewee/Genji ITOH, Interviewer/Yoshitsugu KIMURA  6 393
Creation of New Technology Friendly to the Environment Interviewee/Mitsuhiro IKEDA, Interviewer/Hiroshi YABE  7 483
Creation of Energy from a Standpoint of Being Alive with Society Interviewee/Tohru AIZAWA, Interviewer/Masabumi MASUKO  7 485
Tribology for Future Car Industry Interviewee/Yasuhiko NAKAGAWA, Interviewer/Masato TANAKA  8 581
To Be The World’s Leader in Tribology Interviewee/Seigo HANNJI, Interviewer/Koichi FUNABASHI  8 583
In Sympathy with the Human Society and Revert to the Origin Interviewee/Toshimi MUTOH, Interviewer/Masabumi MASUKO 9 669
Construction Equipment Technology is Spiraling up Interviewee/Shuji SUGI, Interviewer/Hirotsugu HAYASHI  9 671
Amontons’ First Experiment on Friction __ Looking back on 300 years of Tribology __ Tatsuo YOSHITAKE 2 111
Minor Special Issue on Space Tribology
Space Tribology ―Recent Topics― Mineo SUZUKI, Makoto NISHIMURA and Shingo OBARA   1 6
Tribology in Rocket Engines Masataka NOSAKA  1 13
Tribology in the Space Station Naofumi HIRAOKA and Sigeru SABURI  1 19
Tribology of Slip-Rings for Space Applications Mikio WATANABE and Jun NAKAGAWA  1 26
Tribology in Exposed Space Environment in Space Station Orbit Katsuhiro KISHI, Yukio KOYARI and Kichiro IMAGAWA  1 32
Tribo-Coating for Space Machines Koshi ADACHI and Koji KATO  1 39
Minor Special Issue on Cleaning Technology
Characteristic and Requests on Metal Parts Cleaning Takeshi KAWANO  2 93
Semiconductor Wafer Cleaning Ken-ichi SATO  2 100
Skin Cleansing and Fabric Laundry Kaoru TSUJII and Akira SUZUKI 2 105
Minor Special Issue on Tribology of Piston Ring
Piston Ring Design and Tribology Hideki YOSHIDA  3 157
Piston Ring Operating Condition and Tribology Yukio TATEISHI  3 163
Piston Ring Materials : Their Surface Treatment and Tribology Satomichi MIYAZAKI  3 169
De la Resistance Cause’e dans les Machines(1) G. AMONTONS, Introduction by Tadashi SASADA, Translated by Tatsuo YOSHITAKE 4 229
De la Resistance Cause’e dans les Machines(2) G. AMONTONS, Translated by Tatsuo YOSHITAKE  4 236
Recent Analyses and Designs of Thick-Film Bearings(1) Masato TANAKA 5 308
Recent Analyses and Designs of Thick-Film Bearings(2) Masato TANAKA  5 315
Space Tribology Developments in the U. S. A.__ Today and Tomorrow __ Kazuhisa MIYOSHI, Translated by Mineo SUZUKI  5 320
Minor Special Issue on Microtribology in Future
Microtribology : From Empiricism to Essentialism and Its Application Reizo KANEKO  6 395
Relationship between Structure of Organic Thin Films and Their Microtribological Properties Shigeyuki MORI and Hidetaka NANAO  6 398
Micro-Mesoscopic Analysis of Interactive Phenomena on Tribological Surfaces Hiroshi INOUE, Yoichi INOUE, Naoya SASAKI and Masaki KOYAMA  6 403
Microscale Friction and Surface Force Satoru FUJISAWA, Yasuhisa ANDO and Yuji ENOMOTO 6 409
Microwear Properties of Super Hard Films Shojiro MIYAKE  6 414
Analysis of Tribological Phenomena in Biological Molecular Mechanism Hitoshi SUZUKI, Shinro MASHIKO, Shigeru SUGIYAMA and Seishi KUDO  6 420
Minor Special Issue on Control of Rolling Friction
Control of Rolling Friction Yoshitaka UCHIYAMA  7 487
Rolling Friction and Control of Polymeric Materials Isamu SEKIGUCHI  7 493
Friction Coefficient and Control between Tire and Road Shunichi YAMAZAKI  7 500
Rolling Friction and Control between Wheel and Rail Kaoru OHNO  7 506
Minor Special Issue on Who’s Who in Tribology
Laboratory of Surface and Tribological Chemistry, Iwate University Shigeyuki MORI  8 586
Materials, Processing and Tribology Laboratory, Iwate University Akira IWABUCHI 8 587
Tribology Laboratory, Tohoku University Koji KATO  8 588
Hokkirigawa’s Laboratory, Yamagata University Kazuo HOKKIRIGAWA  8 589
Machine Elements Laboratory, Utsunomiya University Jujiro KAGAMI 8 590
Tribology Division, Mechanical Engineering Laboratory Akihiro TANAKA 8 591
Machine Elements & Micro-Mechanisms Divisions, Mechanical Engineering Laboratory Takeo YOSHIOKA  8 592
Security Design Laboratory, The University of Tokyo Masato TANAKA 8 593
Nakahara and Kyogoku Laboratory, Tokyo Institute of Technology Tsunamitsu NAKAHARA  8 594
Masuko Laboratory, Tokyo Institute of Technology Masabumi MASUKO 8 595
Mechanical Engineering Division, Tokyo University of Mercantile Marine Masayuki SHIMA and Katsumi IWAMOTO  8 596
Tribology Laboratory, Waseda University Hirotsugu HAYASHI and Jun TOMIOKA  8 597
Laboratories for Analysis of Machine Components, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology Takashi YAMAMOTO  8 598
Tribology Laboratory, Tamagawa University Akio NITANAI 8 599
Tribology Laboratory, Hosei University Makoto NISHIMURA  8 600
Functional Elements Laboratory, Chiba University Hiroshi MISHINA 8 601
Takaya Laboratory, Chiba Institute of Technology Matsufumi TAKAYA  8 602
Hiratsuka Laboratory, Chiba Institute of Technology Ken’ichi HIRATSUKA  8 603
Machine Element Laboratory, Saitama University Masami HARADA 8 604
Surface Engineering Laboratory, Nippon Institute of Technology Shojiro MIYAKE  8 605
Vibration and Tribology Laboratory, Yokohama National University Shin MORISHITA 8 606
Hashimoto Laboratory, Tokai University Hiromu HASHIMOTO  8 607
to be continued Tribology Laboratory, Kanazawa University Yoshitaka UCHIYAMA  8 608
Uemura Laboratory, Toyohashi University of Technology Masao UEMURA  8 609
Intelligent Instrumentation and Micro Instrumentation Laboratories, Nagoya University Yasunaga MITSUYA  8 610
Matsubara Laboratory, Nagoya Institute of Technology Tomio MATSUBARA 8 611
Material Science Laboratory, Toyota Technological Institute Fumihiro HONDA  8 612
Mechanical Engineering Division, Meijo University Akiyoshi KOBAYASHI 8 613
Nanoprocessing Division, Mie University Yasushi KUROSAKI 8 614
Tribology Laboratory, Kyoto University Hiroshi YABE 8 615
Machine Design Laboratory, Kansai University Atsunobu MORI 8 616
Micro-Engineering Group, Wakayama University Reizo KANEKO  8 617
Intelligent Micro Engineering Laboratory, Kobe University Nobuo OHMAE  8 618
Measurement and Control Laboratory, Himeji Institute of Technology Hiroyuki ISHIGAKI 8 619
Manufacturing Engineering, Himeji Institute of Technology Tohru SAKAMOTO  8 620
Machine Design and Tribology Laboratory, Okayama University Akira YOSHIDA  8 621
Tribology Laboratory, Kagawa University Yoshitsugu KIMURA  8 622
Manufacturing Systems Division, Kochi University of Technology Akitoshi TAKEUCHI 8 623
Tribology Laboratory, Kyushu University Yuji YAMAMOTO  8 624
Bionic Design Laboratory, Kyushu University Teruo MURAKAMI 8 625
Tribology Laboratory, Kyushu Institute of Technology Motohiro KANETA  8 626
Laboratory of Machine Design and Tribology, Saga University Akira NAKAJIMA  8 627
Machine Design System Division, Nagasaki University Akira URA  8 628
Minor Special Issue on Hard Materials
Vapor Deposited c-BN Films and Their Mechanical Properties Yukiko TAKAMURA and Toyonobu YOSHIDA  9 673
CNx Materials and Their Mechanical Properties Osamu TAKAI 9 680
Synthesis of Ternary Compounds Comprising of B, C and N Takayoshi SASAKI 9 687
Life Distribution of Rolling Machine Elements and S-N Curve Shigeo SHIMIZU 9 693
Minor Special Issue Mechanical Phenomena and Friction
Mechanics and Friction  Shinsuke WATANABE 10 757
Movement and Friction in Gyroscopes Takashi ISOBE 10 763
Vibration Phenomena and Friction Yuuchi SATO 10 771
Friction in Granular Materials Satoru NASUNO 10 778
Minor Special Issue on Rolling Motion Technology in Linear Motion Products
Trends in Ball Screws Mizuho NINOMIYA 11 839
Trends in Linear Motion Guide Systems Takeshi SHIRAI and Jyunzo SHINBE 11 845
Dynamic Capacity of Linear Motion Rolling Bearings Shigeo SHIMIZU 11 851
Bubble Eliminater Ryuichi SUZUKI and Yutaka YANAKA 11 857
Minor Special Issue on Exhaust Emissions Regulations and Tribology of Diesel Engine
Worldwide Trends in Heavy-Duty Diesel Engine Exhaust Emissions Regulations Tetsuro KATO 12 919
Current and Future Technologies for Reducing Emissions of Diesel Engines for Passenger Cars Eiji AIYOSHIZAWA 12 925
Exhaust Emissions Regulations and Future Direction of Diesel Fuel Shuzo NEMOTO and Naoki KONO 12 931
Exhaust Emissions Regulations and Future Direction of Diesel Engine Oil Tadashi KATAFUCHI 12 937
Wetting of Solid Surface and Its Fractal Structure Kaoru TSUJII 12 941
Love Letters to the Japanese Lubrication Engineers
(2)Adventures in Technical Internationalization Shirley E. SCHWARTZ, Translated by Masabumi MASUKO  2 115
Industrial Property
(1)What is Industrial Property ? Toshiaki ETOH  3 175
(2)Tribology and Patent__ How to Obtain a Patent __ Ichiro HONDA 5 339
(3)Tribology and Patent__Scope of Right__ Ichiro HONDA  7 518
(4)Limitation of Patent (Absolute Dominating Right) Toshiaki ETOH  9 706
(5)Tribology and Patent__Interest between Secret in Know-How and Publication in Patent__ Ichiro HONDA 10 791
(6)Utility Model System and Design System Toshiaki ETOH  11 863
(7)Trademark System Keiko HONDA 12 947
Non-Tribo Oils
(1)Rubber Process Oils Taira SUGIMOTO and Toshiro OTSUKA  4 242
(2)Heat Transfer Fluids Kazuto SHIRAISHI 5 327
(3)Electrical Insulating Oils Masaki KATAOKA  7 512
(4)Quenching (Cooling) Oils for Heat Treatment Kiyoshi FUNATANI 9 700
Comparison of the Lubricant Testing Methods
(1)Test Methods for Friction and Wear Junichi DESHIMARU  4 248
(2)The Determination of Viscosity Narihiko YOSHIMURA 5 333
(3)Test Methods for Oxidation Stability of Lubricants Yasuhisa YAMADA  6 426
(4)Test Methods for Automotive Engine Lubricants Mitsuhiro NAGAKARI,Takashi FUJITSU and Ryuji MARUYAMA 10 785
Unknown Episode, History and Experience concerning Tribology - Message from JAST Senior Members
(1)Experiences on My Studies Started from Research for Tribology Ichozo NAGAOKA 10 797
(2)Thirty Years On the Tribology of Plastic Materials Yukisaburo YAMAGUCHI 11 869
(3)Piston Ring Tribology My Life has been Devoted to Shoichi FURUHATA 12 953
Maintenance of Lubricating Oils
(1)Maintenance of Engine Oils Shozaburo KONISHI and Isao KURIHARA 3 181
(2)Maintenance of Gear Oils Tetsuo WAKIZONO  4 254
(3)Maintenance of Industrial Machine Oils Katsumi HASHIMOTO  6 432
(4)Selection and Maintenance of Lubricating Greases Takao YOSHIMATSU  7 524
(5)Maintenance of Metal Working Fluids Yuich TAMI  9 712
Up-to-date News
Report of 1998 ASME/STLE International Tribology Conference Satoru KANEKO 1 73
Tribology around the World
(2)Visitor Report at NASA-Jet Propulsion Laboratory Masahito TAGAWA  2 119
(3)On Impressions during My Stay in Oxford University Shinya SASAKI  5 345
Report of Research Committee
Original Contributions
Microtribological Aspects of the Adsorbed Water on the LIGA Ni Film Yasuyuki BABA, Hiroya NAKAJI, Masahito TAGAWA, Masataka UMENO and Nobuo OHMAE  1 46
Effects of Spin on Traction Characteristics Tomoaki MAKINO and Tatsuo KAWASE 1 53
Study on Fittings of Silicon Nitride Bearings Hiroaki TAKEBAYASHI, Kazuhisa KITAMURA and Tomoya HATTORI 1 61
Rheological Properties of Refrigerant/Lubricant Mixture under Refrigerant Atmosphere Masayoshi MURAKI, Takashi SANO and Daming DONG  2 121
Measurements of Distributions of Real Contact Areas Using Thin PET Films Isami NITTA, Akira MOROHASHI and Chikashi OTANI  2 128
Limit of Elastic Contact for TiN-Coated Rough Surfaces  __Indentation Experiment Usinga Hemispherical Diamond Indenter __ Takashi NOGI and Takahisa KATO  2 135
Study of Lubrication Property of Parallel Slide-Way with Oil Groove Paleerat LAKAWATHANA, Takashi NAKAMURA, Tomio MATSUBARA and Fumihiro ITOIGAWA 2 143
Monitoring for Progress of Corrosive Wear on EDM Surface of Die Steel UsingAcoustic Emission Technique Tomoharu SHIMIZU, Gota NOMURA and Akira IWABUCHI  3 187
Effect of Normal Load on Friction Characteristics (Part 1) __ Friction between a Hard Conical Projection and a Soft Rubbing Surface Having Triangular Prismatic Projections __ Shizuo ISHIZUKA and Atsushi IKUTA  3 193
Structural Changes of Organic Thin Films by Friction Takashi IGARI, Hidetaka NANAO and Shigeyuki MORI 3 200
Effects of Adsorption of ATF Additives to Wet Friction Materials on Friction Performance at the Low Sliding Velocity Range Yasushi KAMADA, Michio ARAKI Tadashi YOSHIDA, Nan WANG, and Ken-ichi MUKAIDA  3 207
Isoviscous-EHL Mechanism of Parallel Slide-Way with Oil Groove Takashi NAKAMURA,Paleerat LAKAWATHANA, Tomio MATSUBARA, Fumihiro ITOIGAWA and Yukio KOJIMA 4 258
Study on Sliding Torque of Ball Joint (Part 1)__ Relation between Contact Region and Contact Pressure __ Shizuo ISHIZUKA, Keiichiro SUZUKI and Syunji MORIKAWA 4 265
A Study of Spin and Skew on Friction Drive Masao MATSUDAIRA, Kazuhiko SAKAGUCHI and Takashi MATSUOKA 4 273
Wear Analysis of Carbon-Coated Pins on Thin-Film Magnetic Disk Youichi KAWAKUBO, Mieko ISII, Yuuichi KOKAKU and Yotsuo YAHISA  4 281
Structural Changes of Organic Thin Films by Friction under Low Load Hidetaka NANAO and Shigeyuki MORI 4 288
Friction of Laser Clad Graphite/Boron Nitride Layers Formed with Varying Cladding Temperature Takahiro KATOH, Tohru SAKAMOTO and Satoshi KAKUNAI 5 350
Estimation of Coefficient of Boundary Friction under Mixed Lubrication in Refrigerant Atmosphere Shinji TANAKA, Satoshi MOMOZONO, Keiji KYOGOKU and Tsunamitsu NAKAHARA 5 358
Surface Modification of Co-Cr-Ta Magnetic Thin Films by Fluorinated Carbon-Beams Irradiation Shojiro MIYAKE, Takayoshi CHIDA, Shuichi WATANABE and Hirokazu YAMAMOTO 5 366
Durability Evaluation of HDI in the Magnetic Disk by Detection of Hydrocarbon Gases Toshimitsu NUMATA, Hiroshi ONODERA, Yoshihiko MIYAKE and Shigeyuki MORI  5 374
Water Adsorption on the LIGA Ni Film and Its Effects on Fricition Yasuyuki BABA, Hiroshi KINOSHITA, Masahito TAGAWA, Masataka UMENO and Nobuo OHMAE 5 379
Effect of Organic Sulfides on Depth Composition Profiles of Surface Films Produced by MoDTC Katsuya ARAI and Yuji YAMAMOTO  6 436
The Influence of Pores at Sliding Faces and the Pores Diameter on Mechanical Seals Performance Yoshihiro TEJIMA, Asahiko ISHIYAMA and Akira URA  6 444
A Quantitative Evaluation of Truncation Wear Based on Three-Dimensional Surface Asperity Changes Kazuya NAOI, Kazuyuki SASAJIMA and Tadao TSUKADA 6 452
The Influence of Volume Fraction of Whisker on Wear Properties of SiC Whisker Reinforced Aluminum Alloy Yoshiro IWAI, Tomomi HONDA, Toshiro MIYAJIMA and Hidetomo YONEDA  6 460
In-Situ Observation of Original Wear Process__Deformation of Surface Crystal Grains and Origin of Elemental Wear Debris in Pure-Iron__ Hiroshi MISHINA and Shinji KONDOH  7 528
Traction Properties of Blended Oils Akihiko YANO, Yasuyoshi TOZAKI, Noriyuki HAYASHI, Shintaro WATANABE and Susumu MATSUMOTO  7 536
Tribological Properties of Polyoxymethylene Composites (Part 1) __Relationship between Spherulite Size and Specific Wear Rate__ Masaya KUROKAWA and Yoshitaka UCHIYAMA 7 544
Bearing Life Resulted from Higher Load and Longer Life of Future Diesel Engines Soji KAMIYA and Takashi TOMIKAWA  7 552
Prediction of Liquid Lubricant Viscosity at High Pressure from the Density Measurements Nobuyoshi OHNO, Kenji SUNAHARA, Tetsurou KUMAMOTO and Fujio HIRANO 7 560
Synthesis of Diamond Films on Titanium and Its Alloy Substrates by the Chemical Vapor Deposition Method and Wear Resistance Yoshio SHIBUYA and Matsufumi TAKAYA 8 629
Measurement of Oil Film between Swash Plate and Shoe for Swash Plate Type Compressor Takashi INOUE, Mitsuo INAGAKI, Mikio MATSUDA, Kazuo OYOBE and Motohiko UEDA  8 635
Structural Changes and Tribological Properties of Organic Thin Films under Friction Hidetaka NANAO, Peihong CONG and Shigeyuki MORI 8 642
Friction and Wear Properties of Ceramics in Boundary Friction and Topographies of Worn Surface Terumasa HISAKADO and Hitoshi ISOBE  8 649
Investigation on Oil Degradation in Piston Second-Land Region of Gasoline Engine Hiroshi MORITANI and Yu NOZAWA  8 657
Study on Thermally Stable Lubricants for Automotive Ceramic Gas Turbines Ko ONODERA and Hiroshi NAKANISHI  9 716
Study on the Anti-Wear Property of Mixed Base Oil between Pentaerythritol Ester and Polyphenyl Ether Ko ONODERA and Hiroshi NAKANISHI  9 723
Development of the New Cu Alloy Bearings for Higher Load and Longer Life of Future Diesel Engines Soji KAMIYA, Takashi TOMIKAWA, Haruyuki OSHIRO and Katsuyuki HASHIZUME  9 728
Change of Concentration of Additives under EHL Condition__Observation by Micro-FTIR__ Yasushi HOSHI, Naoshi SHIMOTOMAI, Mio SATO and Shigeyuki MORI  9 736
Study on Sliding Torque of Ball Joint (Part 2)__Effect of Various Factors on Sliding Torque__ Shizuo ISHIZUKA, Keiichiro SUZUKI and Toru OHASHI  9 744
Degradation Mechanism of Friction Modifier Containing Amide Groups Sieya IGARI,Toshihiko ICHIHASHI,Yuji TAKIGAWA andKazuaki SHIMADA 10 801
Tribology of Nitrogen Ion Implanted Diamond Films in High Temperature Shohiro MIYAKE,Jongduk Kim and Shuichi WATANABE 10 808
The Influence of Rounded Pores'Diameter and Depth at Sliding Faces for Coeffecient of Friction under Oil Lubrication Yoshihiro TEJIMA,Asahiko ISHIYAMA and Akira URA 10 816
Tribological Properties of Polyoxymethylene Composites (Part 2) __Effect of the Reducing Spherulite Size on theWear__ Masaya KUROKAWA and Yoshitaka UCHIYAMA 10 824
In Situ Measurement of Roll Surface 3-D Topography in Sliding Friction (Part 1)__In Situ Measurement Sustem of Roll Surface 3-D Topography in Sliding Friction__ Katsumi ANDO and Koji KATO 11 882
In Situ Measurement of Roll Surface 3-D Topography in Sliding Friction (Part 2)__Effect of Roll Surface Topography in Sliding Friction__ Katsumi ANDO and Koji KATO
Contact Characteristics of Paper-Based Friction Material (Part 1)__As-Processed Surface__ Chikashi OTANI, Mitsuo OKADA and Yoshitsugu KIMURA 11 898
Study on the Characteristics of Lip Sealsfor Gasoline Masayuki KURITA, Muneo MIZUMOTO and Yukio TAKAHASHI 11 906
Effects of Elevated Temperatures on Friction and Wear Mechanisms of Ceramics in Nitrogen Gas  Terumasa HISAKADO and Tohru KOBAYASHI 12 957
High Pressure Rheology and Traction Characteristics of Traction Oil Nobuyoshi OHNO, Hiroya ACHIDA, Shinichi NATSUMEDA, Satoru AIHARA and Fujio Hirano  12 965
Development of Anti-Corrosive and Wear-Proof Piston-Pin Bushing Material for Heavy Duty Diesel Engines   Soji KAMIYA, Hiromi YOKOTA and Toshihiko KIRA 12 973
Short Communications
Sliding Characteristic of Anodic Oxide Film with Electroless Silver Plating Masatsugu MAEJIMA, Matsufumi TAKAYA, Koichi SARUWATARI and Rokuro ITOH  1 69
Friction Characteristics under Constant Extremely Low Sliding Velocity of Wet Friction Materials Masao EGUCHI, Tomoyuki MIYAZAKI and Takashi YAMAMOTO  6 468