Journal of Japanese Society of Tribologists Vol. 45, Nos. 1-12 (2000)
Tribology of Polymeric Materials 1
Biomechanism and Biotribology 2
Recent Deposition Technology of Hard Coatings 3
Whofs Who in Tribology(Q) 3
Tribology of Hydraulic Control Systems 4
How to Learn Tribological Surface from Lives 5
Technology of Belt Type CVTs(Continuously Variable Transmissions) 6
Recent Technical Trends on Tribology of Railway and Surrounding Fields 7
Production and Application of Compounds Concerned with Tribology 8
Molecular Dynamics Simulation and Its Applications to Tribology 9
Tribological Sound 9
Chemical Mechanical Polishing 10
Environmentally Friendly Lubricants and Their Application Technologies 11
Tribology Technology from the 20th to the 21st Century 12
Winners of 1999 Distinguished Tribologists Award 4 273
Winners of 1999 Best Paper Award 4 274
Winners of 1999 Tribo-Technology Award 4 276
Winners of 1999 Award for Young Tribologists 4 277
The Valediction by the Ex-President Makoto NISHIMURA 7 495
The Inaugural Address by the President Yoshihiro SUITA 7 496
Commemorative Tribute to Dr. Masao KUBOTA
@To the Memory of Dr. Masao KUBOTA Yuji ENOMOTO 8 583
@To the Memory of Dr. Masao KUBOTA Minori KANAI 8 584
@To the Memory of Dr. Masao KUBOTA Yuko TSUYA 8 585
@To the Memory of Dr. Masao KUBOTA Mitsuru TOYOGUCHI 8 586
@To the Memory of Dr. Masao KUBOTA Takeshi YASUI 8 587
@Brief Biography 8 588
On the Publication of Special Issue on Tribology Technology from the 20 th to the 21 st Century Editorial Committee 12 851
New Yearfs Greetings to the Members of Japanese Society of Tribologists Makoto NISHIMURA 1 1
Interviews : The Future of Tribology
An Oil Major Aiming at Future Technology Interviewee/Yasushi ARAHATA, Interviewer/Yoshitsugu KIMURA 1 2
Lubrication Technology for Industry and Life Interviewee/Yasunori HONMA, Interviewer/Masabumi MASUKO 1 4
Minor Special Issue on Tribology of Polymeric Materials
Tribology of Rubbers Yoshitaka UCHIYAMA 1 6
Tribology of Plastic Isamu SEKIGUCHI 1 12
Morphology and Tribology of Polymeric Materials Tadashi KOMOTO 1 19
Effect of Surface Energy on Tribocharacteristics of Polymeric Materials Akio NITANAI 1 25
Characteristics of Oil-Impregnated Polymer and Its Applications Toshimi TAKAJO 1 31
Organic/Inorganic Hybrid Materials and the Tribological Characteristics Kazutoshi HARAGUCHI 1 36
Friction and Wear Properties of Nitryl Rubber with Solid Lubricants Yoshio OKI, Masakazu HIRATA and Kenji ITO 1 41
Friction Characteristics of Rubbers Ablated by Excimer Laser Yuki SATO 1 47
Minor Special Issue on Biomechanism and Biotribology
Tribology in Animal Motion Tadashi SASADA 2 101
Tribology in Natural Joints Ken IKEUCHI 2 108
Tribology of Artificial Joints Teruo MURAKAMI 2 112
Sliding Mechanism of Muscle Contraction and Tribology Shinfichi ISHIWATA 2 119
Bacteria Flagellar Motor and Its Nanotribology Shin-ichi AIZAWA 2 126
Motility of Single Molecules of Linear-Motor Protein Hideo HIGUCHI 2 132
Sliding Velocity and Protein Friction of Protein Motors Katsuhisa TAWADA and Yasuhiro IMAFUKU 2 138
Minor Special Issue on Recent Deposition Technology of Hard Coatings
Carbon Protective Films Prepared by Magnetron Sputtering and Their Surface Characteristics Michinari KAMIYAMA 3 191
DLC Films by Plasma CVD Takayuki YAMAMOTO 3 198
Carbon Protective Films Prepared by ECR Plasma Sputtering Shigeru HIRONO, Shigeru UMEMURA, Takayoshi HAYASHI and Reizo KANEKO 3 204
Minor Special Issue on Whofs Who in Tribology(Q)
Mechanical Systems Design Laboratory, Muroran Institute of Technology Mitsuru FUJIWARA and Toshiharu KAZAMA 3 211
Miyamoto Laboratory, Tohoku University Akira MIYAMOTO@ 3 212
Tribology Laboratory, Niigata University Isami NITTA 3 213
Hironaka Laboratory, Tokyo Institute of Technology Seiichiro HIRONAKA 3 214
Sasajima Laboratory, Tokyo Institute of Technology Kazuyuki SASAJIMA 3 215
Fluid Dynamics Laboratory, The University of Electro-Communications Shigeaki KURODA 3 216
Haizuka Laboratory, The University of Electro-Communications Shoji HAIZUKA 3 217
Yoshimoto Laboratory, Science University of Tokyo Shigeka YOSHIMOTO 3 218
Space Tribology Research Group, National Aerospace Laboratory Mineo SUZUKI 3 219
Tribology Laboratory, Meiji University Hirokazu SHIMODA 3 220
Kitahara Laboratory, Shonan Institute of Technology Tokio KITAHARA 3 221
Kawakubo Laboratory, Shinshu University Youichi KAWAKUBO 3 222
Tribology and Machine Design Laboratory, Fukui University Yoshiro IWAI 3 223
Tribology Laboratory, Osaka Sangyo University Kazuhiro HAYASHI 3 224
Computational Mechanics and Micro-Tribology Laboratory, Tottori University Shigehisa FUKUI 3 225
Tribology Devision, Mechanical Engineering, Okayama University of Science Tokihiko TAKI 3 226
Tribology Laboratory, Kochi University of Technology Ichiro MINAMI 3 227
Machine Design Laboratory, Oita University Hiroomi MIYAGAWA 3 228
Ohno Laboratory, Saga University Nobuyoshi OHNO 3 229
Minor Special Issue on Tribology of Hydraulic Control Systems
Tribology of Hydraulic Pumps for Automobiles Yoshiharu INAGUMA 4 280
Tribology of Hydraulic Equipment in Construction Machines Masami OCHIAI and Kazuyoshi HATANO 4 286
Tribology and Trends of Hydraulic Equipment for Industry Toshikazu SUZUKI 4 292
Performance and Application of Ceramic Rolling Bearings Kazuhisa KITAMURA 4 298
Minor Special Issue on How to Learn Tribological Surface from Lives
Surface Structure Mimicking Earthworm Katsumi YAMAGUCHI 5 349
Fluid Frictions of Shark Skin and Lotus Leaf QQHow dose the Drag Reduction Occur ?QQ Keizo WATANABE 5 354
The Structure of Teeth and the Tooth Wear Process Toshio SATA 5 360
Fabulous Qualities of Spider Silks Toshiya MASUMOTO 5 365
Vacuum Rolling Bearings with Solid Lubricant Kazunori HAYASHIDA 5 371
Minor Special Issue on Tribology of Belt Type CVTs
Trends of Metal Pushing Belt Type CVTs Minoru OKAMURA 6 423
Dry Hybrid Belt Type CVTs Mitsunao TAKAYAMA 6 429
Trends and Requirements of Fluids for Metal Pushing Belt Type CVTs Hideaki MITSUI 6 435
Power Transmitting Mechanisms for, and the Future of, Metal Pushing Belt Type CVTs Toru FUJII and Shigeru KANEHARA 6 441
Minor Special Issue on Recent Technical Trends on Tribology of Railway and the Surrounding Fields
Contact Mechanics in Wheel/Rail System Yoshihiro SUDA 7 497
The History and Current Status of Theory and Practice on Rail/Wheel ContactcMakoto ISHIDA@7@503 Makoto ISHIDA 7 503
Recent Development of Overhead Equipment in Electric Railways Mitsuo ABOSHI 7 509
Present State and Trends of Pantograph Hiroyuki ARAI 7 515
Present State and Trends of Roller Bearings and Their Lubrication for Rolling Stock Takehiko KIGAWA and Tadao OHYAMA 7 521
Recent Development of Braking System for Rolling Stock Tomoki WATANABE 7 527
Minor Special Issue on Production and Application of Compounds Concerned with Tribology
Production and Application of Organophosphorus Compounds Toshio WACHI 8 589
Production and Application of Phenolic Compounds Toru WATANABE 8 596
Production and Application of Polymethacrylate Hidehiko MATSUYA 8 603
Production and the Use of Detergents as Lubricants Additives C. D. TIPTON,@W. C. GAGEL, M. E. HUSTON, J. P. ROSKI and W. D. ABRAHAM, Translated by Masahiko IKEDA 8 608
Oil Temperature Control for Hydraulic Statical Bearings Supporting the Large Scale Telescope g SUBARU h  Kazuo NAGASHIMA, Chikara WATANABE and Osamu ITO 8 615
Minor Special Issue on Molecular Dynamics Simulation and Its Applications to Tribology
Introduction to Molecular Dynamics Simulation Masamitsu ISHITOBI 9 649
Molecular Dynamics Simulation for Lubricants Hiroyuki TAMURA and Akira MIYAMOTO 9 655
Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Friction and Wear of Solids Hiroshi EDA and Jun SHIMIZU@ 9 661
Minor Special Issue on Tribological Sound
Door Closing Sound and Noise in Automobile Shigeru OGAWA, Seishi NAKAMURA and Minoru MATSUI 9 667
How and Why Do Insects Sing Their Own Songs ? Toshihide ICHIKAWA 9 672
Tribology in Musical Performance Masaki TANAKA 9 678
Minor Special Issue on Chemical Mechanical Polishing
CMP and Its Processing Mechanism Toshiroh Karaki DOY 10 713
Effects of Mechanical Factors on Planarity and Uniformity in CMP Process Takeshi NISHIOKA 10 721
Current CMP Slurries for Dielectric Layers and Their Next Development Kouichi YOSHIDA 10 727
A New Cu-CMP Technology for Next Generation LSIs Yoshiaki OKU, Muneyuki MATSUMOTO and Akira KAMISAWA 10 732
The Double Bend Filtered Cathodic Arc Technology and Its Tribology Applications Xu SHI, Translated by Isao YAMANOUCHI and Norihiko SAKAI 10 739
Minor Special Issue on Environmentally Friendly Lubricants and Their Application Technologies
The Earth and Global Environmental Issues Mitsuo OKADA 11 783
Chemistry of Vegetable Oils and Their Tribological Properties Ichiro MINAMI and Shota MITSUMUNE 11 789
Perspectives of Biodegradable Greases@ Hiroshi KIMURA 11 795
Long-Life Lubricants Jinichi IGARASHI 11 801
Oil Cleaning and Oil Cleaners for Longer Lives of Lubricants Akira SASAKI 11 809
Recycling and Appropriate Management of Used Oil Seiichiro HASE 11 815
Special Issue on Tribology Technology from the 20 th to the 21 st Century
Theory of Fluid Film Lubrication Tsunamitsu NAKAHARA 12 852
Boundary Lubrication and Tribochemistry Shigeyuki MORI 12 859
mFriction and Wearn
Theory of Contact and Friction Isami NITTA and Koji KATO 12 864
Theory of Wear Yoshiro IWAI 12 870
mMaterials, Surface Modification and Lubricantsn
Tribomaterials Yoshiyuki Mizutani 12 876
Surface Modification and Solid Lubricants Seiichiro HIRONAKA 12 882
Lubricants and Greases Hitoshi HATA 12 888
mMachine Elementsn
Rolling Bearings Kazuo KAKUTA 12 894
Sliding Bearings Masato TANAKA 12 900
Gears Tokihiko TAKI 12 906
mTribology in Industrial Fieldsn
Automotive Engines Masashi ARITA 12 912
Automotive Brakes Masataka KAIDO 12 916
Marine Diesel Engines Takahisa KIMIJIMA 12 920
Electric Power System and Electric Appliances Hitoshi HATTORI 12 924
Magnetic Storage Devices Masahiro YANAGISAWA 12 928
Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment Nobuo TSUMAKI 12 932
Machine Tools Sunao SATO 12 936
Aerospace Mineo SUZUKI, Makoto NISHIMURA, Tadashi KOGA and Masataka NOSAKA 12 940
Construction Equipment Satoshi OHKAWA 12 944
Iron and Steel Making Facilities Katsumi ANDO 12 948
Railway Taro TSUJIMURA 12 952
Love Letters to the Japanese Lubrication Engineers
@Essay(R) What is g Reality h Shirley E. SCHWARTZ, Translated by Fumihiko YOKOYAMA 6 449
@@@@(S) I am a Drop of Engine Oil Shirley E. SCHWARTZ, Translated by Yoshihisa WATANABE 7 534
@@@@(T) International Corporate Harmonization Shirley E. SCHWARTZ, Translated by Yasuo IMADA 8 622
@@@@(U) Researcher vs Problem Shirley E. SCHWARTZ, Translated by Ken NAKANO 9 684
Industry Property
@Explanation@(W) Future Industrial Property Ichiro HONDA 1 52
Unknown Episode, History and Experience Concerning Tribology-Message from JAST Senior Members
@Essay(S) Study on Machining in Rolling Bearings Kunio YAMADA 1 58
@@@@(T) New Measuring Methods can Bring about New Theory Shoichi FURUHAMA 2 145
@@@@(U) Recollection of the Study on Needle Roller Bearings QQOutline of the Study and RecollectionQQ Kunio YAMADA 3 230
@@@@(V) Reminiscence of Studies on Rolling Bearings in Mechanical Engineering Laboratory (P) Sansaku AOKI 3 234
@@@@(W) A Memory of Tribological Research QQSpecial Focus on Research Work in Technical University        MunichQQ Chotaro NARUSE 4 304
@@@@(X) Reminiscence of Studies on Rolling Bearings in Mechanical Engineering Laboratory (Q) Sansaku AOKI 4 308
@@@@(10) Nonexistence and Existence (P) Kouichi NAKAJIMA 5 377
@@@@(11) Looking Back on Adventures with Tribology QQ50 Years in the Business WorldQQ Uzuhiko TSUBOI 5 383
@@@@(12) Nonexistence and Existence (Q) Kouichi NAKAJIMA 6 451
@@@@(13) Move the World through Tribology (Part 1) QQA Narrow Way of One Tribologist Walking onQQ Kazuo KAKUTA 6 457
@@@@(14) Move the World through Tribology (Part 2) QQA Narrow Way of One Tribologist Walking onQQ Kazuo KAKUTA 7 536
@@@@(15) To Analyze Three Times of JAST Tribology Conference Nagoya (1986, 1993 and 1998) Koichi FUNABASHI 7 540
@@@@(16) Move the World through Tribology (Part 3) QQA Narrow Way of One Tribologist Walking onQQ Kazuo KAKUTA 8 624
@@@@(17) My Reseach Career on Tribology Takashi HATTORI 9 685
Look What Wefve Done !!  Tribology
(P) Constant Velocity Universal Joints QQActivity in MotorsportsQQ Kauzya WAKITA 10 747
(Q) Ceramic Bearings Contribute to New World Record Established at Shell Eco-Marathon Hiroaki TAKEBAYASHI 11 820
Original Contributions
Wear Prediction Method of the Friction Materials Used for the Ultrasonic Motors Takaaki ISHII, Hisanori TAKAHASHI, Kentaro NAKAMURA, Sadayuki UEHA and Kazumasa OHNISHI 1 62
Development of High Speed Skating Rink by the Control of Crystallographic Plane of Ice Katsutoshi TSUSHIMA, Masahiro YUKI, Toshihiro KIUCHI and Shohei SHIMODAIRA 1 72
Role of Ag Added together with Sn to Cu-Sn-Ag Alloy Bearing for Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Soji KAMIYA, Yasuaki GOTO and Takashi TOMIKAWA 1 79
Microwear Properties of Low Energy Beam Irradiated Magnetic Layer Shojiro MIYAKE, Takayoshi CHIDA and Shuich WATANABE 1 86
Study on Morphology and Lubrication of Articular Cartilage Surface with Atomic Force Microscopy Yoshinori SAWAE, Teruo MURAKAMI, Kenji MATSUMOTO and Masayuki HORIMOTO 2 150
Friction Characteristics of Ag-Sn Alloy Layer Prepared by RF Sputtering Soji KAMIYA, Takashi TOMIKAWA, Yasuaki GOTO and Fumihiro HONDA 2 158
Effect of Gear Oil on Energy Savings Hisao YAMADA, Masayuki KOISHI and Kouetu WADA 2 166
Tribological Properties of Polyoxymethylene Composites (Part 3) QQComparison with Polypropylene, High Density Polyethylene and PolycarbonateQQ Masaya KUROKAWA and Yoshitaka UCHIYAMA 2 174
Properties of Strength and Wear Characteristics under the Electric Current Flow Condition of Ductile Cast Iron Shin-ichi KATAYAMA 3 238
Development of Surface Profile Measuring Instrument for Magnetic Rigid Disk and Micro-Waviness Assessment Seiichiro HARA, Tomohiro KAMIMURA and Kazuhisa YANAGI 3 246
The Effects of Base Oils and Di-Basic Acid for the Properties of Lithium Complex Grease with Synthetic Base Oil Hiroshi KIMURA and Yuji YAMAMOTO 3 253
Measurements of Sound Velocity Dispersion on Lubricants and Estimation of Volume Viscoelasticity Yuichi NAKAMURA and Yasukazu TAKEUCHI 3 262
Relation between the Quantitative Evaluation of the Surface Texture of Rubber under the Reciprocating Sliding Condition and the Frictional Characteristic QQExtraction of Features from the Digital ImagesQQ Hiroyuki FUJITA, Ryoichi MORIKAWA, Kazuhiko SAKAGUCHI and Takashi MATSUOKA 4 312
Influence of Preliminary Deformation on Measurement of Surface Deformation QQVickers Indentation MethodQQ Mitsuru HANDA, Etsuo MARUI and Hiroki ENDO 4 321
Diagnosis of Radial Rolling Bearing Using Acoustic Emission Technique (Part 1) QQProposition of Location Method for AE Accompanying Propagation of Rolling Contact Fatigue Crack and Confirmation by Numerical SimulationQQ Hiroki MANO, Takeo YOSHIOKA, Atsushi KORENAGA and Takashi YAMAMOTO 4 329
Diagnosis of Radial Rolling Bearing Using Acoustic Emission Technique (Part 2) QQConfirmation of Validity of AE Source Location Method by Rolling Contact Fatigue TestsQQ Hiroki MANO, Takeo YOSHIOKA, Atsushi KORENAGA and Takashi YAMAMOTO 4 337
Effects of Additives of ATF and Components of Friction Material for AT on -v Characteristics Takanori KUGIMIYA 5 387
Relationship between Chemical Structure of Dispersant and Metallic Detergent and -v Characteristics Takanori KUGIMIYA 5 396
Micro Wear Tests by Using Atomic Force Microscope QQRelation between Contact Area and Pull-Off ForceQQ Yasuhisa ANDO 5 406
Relationship between the Structure of Organic Thin Films and Their Microtribological Property Takashi IGARI, Norihiro OYAMADA, Hidetaka NANAO and Shigeyuki MORI 5 414
Influence of Surface Roughness on Friction Properties (Part 1) QQRelationship between Indented Depth and Friction CoefficientQQ Shizuo ISHIZUKA and Yoshisuke MIZUTANI 6 461
Effects of Ion Implantation on Scratching Properties of Diamond Like Carbon and Boron Carbide Films Shojiro MIYAKE,Tadashi SAITOH, Shuichi WATANABE, Makoto KANOU, Yoshiteru YASUDA and Yutaka MABUCHI 6 469
Modeling and Generation of 3-D Random Surface Roughness Data by Non-Causal 2-D AR Model (Part 1)QQThe Method and Examination by Isotropic Surface RoughnessQQ Tomoharu SHIMIZU, Michimasa UCHIDATE and Akira IWABUCHI 6 477
Tribological Characteristics of Spur Gears Operated in a Vacuum and Nitrogen Lubricated with Bonded Films Makoto NISHIMURA, Akira SASAKI, Noritsugu KAWASHIMA, Nobuo KENMOCHI and Toshio HONDA 7 544
Lubrication Characteristics of Refrigerating/Air Conditioning Rotary Compressor (Part 2) QQExperimental Verification of Mixed Lubrication Analysis of Vane TipQQ Shinji TANAKA, Keiji KYOGOKU, Tsunamitsu NAKAHARA and Katsumi KAWAHARA 7 554
Study on the Deposition of Carbon Black Particles onto the Rubbing Surface of Sliding Bearing Akihiko YANO, Mitsushige KUBOTA, Yoshimi KAGIMOTO and Shintaro WATANABE 7 562
Thermo-Hydrodynamic Performance of Journal Bearings with Partial Reverse Flow and Finger-Type Cavitation Being Considered Kiyoshi HATAKENAKA, Masato TANAKA and Kenji SUZUKI 8 628
Micro-Displacement Characteristics under Tangential Force between Ceramics Surfaces in Contact QQIn the Case of Contact between a Isotropically Rough Surface and a Smooth SurfaceQQ Jujiro KAGAMI, Takahisa KAWAGUCHI, Tetsuzo HATAZAWA, Takashi FUJIMOTO and Naoto YOSHIOKA 8 636
Wear Properties of a Glass Fiber Filled PTFE Composite under Oil Lubrication Yoshiro IWAI, Tomomi HONDA, Takaaki ONIZUKA, Yoichi TANIGUCHI and Masahiko KAWABATA 9 689
Study on Rolling Contact Fatigue Life on Misaligned Needle Roller Bearing (Part 1jQQLoad Distribution Analysis Method for Misaligned Needle BearingQQ Yasuyoshi TOZAKI, Susumu MATSUMOTO, Takashi NODA and Takahisa HIRANO 9 697
Study on Rolling Contact Fatigue Life of Misaligned Needle Roller Bearing (Part 2jQQRelationship between Edge Loading and Fatigue LifeQQ Susumu MATSUMOTO, Yasuyoshi TOZAKI, Takashi NODA and Takahisa HIRANO 9 703
Tribological Property and Fatigue of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polyphenylene Sulfide (PPS) Composites under the Rolling-Sliding Condition Takashi MATSUOKA, Kazuhiko SAKAGUCHI, Yasuhiro HOSHIMOTO, Hideki MEKADA and Tsuneyuki ADACHI 10 749
A Study on Vibration Transfer Characteristics of Macroscopic Liquid Meniscus BridgeQQFrequency Dependence of the Spring Constant and the Damping CoefficientQQ Hiroshige MATSUOKA, Shigehisa FUKUI and Takahisa KATO 10 757
Friction and Wear Characteristics of Sintered Fe-Cu Powder Material Hiromasa NADANO, Masakazu NAKASAKO, Masaki KOHNO, Harumi HAMANISHI and Satoru NIGO 10 769
Friction and Wear Characteristics between Cermet Alloy and Cast Iron Yasushi HARA, Kenji MATSUKI and Takahiro KAYANO 11 822
Stochastic Analysis on Critical Pressure in Concept of Mode Transition from Mild to Severe Wear by BURWELL-STRANG Tomohisa TANAKA, Tsunamitsu NAKAHARA and Keiji KYOGOKU 11 832
Vertical Vibration and Friction Hiroyuki ISHIGAKI, Toshiaki MATSUSHIMA, Yasuo KONISHI and Katsuya KONDO 11 839
Short Communication
Tribological Analysis of Bacterial Flagellar Motor Takashi NAKANO, Satoshi MOMOZONO and Shin-ichi AIZAWA 2 182