Volume 66 (2021)

No.1 Special Issue on Tribology Technology Related to Food

Special Issues Category Title Authors No. Page
  Foreword New Year’s Greetings to the Members of Japanese Society of Tribologists Joichi SUGIMURA 1 1
Special Issue on Tribology Technology Related to Food   Prologue to the Special Issue on “Tribology Technology Related to Food” Tatsuya KUSUMOTO 1 2
Explanation Design and Technological Approach to Delicious Food Texture —Food Structural Engineering— Asuka KATAOKA and Takashi NAKAMURA 1 3
Application of Tribology to Evaluation of Food Texture —Swing Arm Device for Food Texture Measurement— Naoki SAKURAI, Hidemi AKIMOTO and Tetsuya SUZUKI 1 10
Recent Trends in Evaluation of Physical Properties of Foods —Challenge for Numerical Evaluation of Swallowing— Tetsu KAMIYA 1 17
Evaluation of Physical Properties of Food for Aged and Person Having Difficulty in Chewing Yuri TASHIRO 1 25
Sealing Technologies for Food Machinery Ichiro TAKATSU, Satoshi FUKUOKA and Masaya OTSUKA 1 31
Technology Trends in Grease for Food Machinery Hideki NAKATA, Yusuke NAKANISHI and Shizuka AGANO 1 37
  Explanation Analysis of Cylinder Bore and Piston Ring Wear Caused by Soot (Part 1) —Wear Analysis in Diesel Engine with EGR by Piston Frictional Force Analysis— Mitsuru URABE 1 43
The Tribo-Soshi, Essays from Tribologists Essay Travels in the Tribo-forest Koji KATO 1 49
Essay for Overseas Experience in Tribology −Around the World− Up-to-date News Report of Attending 3rd Czech-Japan Tribology Workshop Seido YARIMITSU 1 55
  Report Life and Degradation Process of Aromatic Urea Grease —軸Influence of Machine Types and Test Methods on Degradation Process of Grease in Bearing Life Test— Technical Committee on Grease 1 59
  Original Contribution on Science A Study on Quantitative Evaluation of Seizure Resistance by Comparing Seizure Interface during Plastic Working with Friction Pressure Welding Interfaces Daiki ITO and Sumio IIDA 1 66
Study on Friction Performance under Co-Existence of MoDTC and Adsorption FM Ko ONODERA, Yuko SATO, Kaisei SATO, Seiya WATANABE and Shinya SASAKI 1 77