The President's Message

Statement to our Overseas Colleagues from the President of the Japanese Society of Tribologists

61st Term President of Japanese Society of Tribologists

It is with a heavy heart that I must accept the recent death of the Charity’s Chairman,Professor H Peter Jost CBE.We all know well that Professor Jost was generally regarded as the Founding Father of Tribology. He was trained as an engineer and in 1966 published the Jost Report which became acclaimed worldwide and changed the way industry and science approach the question of friction and wear. He has dedicated his life work to advise governments, industry and science on the cost saving benefits of the application of Tribology.

I wish to express my faithful condolences with carrying-out the heart of JOST Report of the tribology whenever I make any activities in engineering challenge. This adversity can be repealed by spreading the tribology engineering cooperative area globally and by actively performing an open innovation.

In spite of the recent global instability in politics, economics and the natural environment, our important engineering challenge as tribologists remains unchanged: reduction of the economical cost of friction and wear. Reduction of energy costs by tribology in all other fields of engineering is an important barometer for our activity.

In this regard, JAST appreciates a new widely concerned tribology approach for applying the immediate brakes to the cost increase.

Our important activity of JAST is to provide motivations and incentives with the scientific information service. Activities such as active matching with a social needs and a basic research should be the first step of any tribology engineering.

JAST publishes the referred electronic online journal “Tribology Online”, which aims to facilitate the exchange of information through rapid publication of high quality papers. The published papers can be accessed at: Papers can be submitted at the following URL:

We enthusiastically accept paper submissions from all over the world to promote international exchange activities and global tribology.
I would greatly appreciate your active participation and ongoing support.