International Tribology Conference

The society organized and holds the International Tribology Conference (ITC) every five years. The society provides opportunities for exchanging information not only among members in Japan but also with tribologists throughout the world. The last conference was held at Kobe in 2005, where, about 700 participants attended and 400 lectures were given.

The past International Tribology Conference (ITC)

ITC Sendai

Site Sendai International Center
Period 17/9/2019 - 21/9/2019
presented papers  

ITC Tokyo

Site Tokyo University of Science, Katsushika Campus
Period 16/9/2015 - 20/9/2015
presented papers  

ITC Hiroshima

Site International Conference Center Hiroshima
Period 30/10/2011 - 3/11/2011
presented papers 427

ITC Kobe

Site International Conference Center Kobe
Period 29/5/2005 - 2/6/2005
presented papers 417

ITC Nagasaki

Site Nagasaki Brick Hall
Period 9/10/2000 - 2/11/2000
presented papers 557

ITC Yokohama

Period 29/10/1995 - 2/11/1995
presented papers 346

ITC Nagoya

Site Nagoya Congress Center
Period 29/10/1990 - 1/11/1990
presented papers 352