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The forum will be held at the Hotel Takubokutei in Hakodate, Hokkaido, Japan.


No direct flight from Narita Airport to Hakodate Airport. To go to Hakodate Airport by Airplane, you take first Airport Limousine bus, which is the best way, to Haneda Airport, and then take a flight either JAL or ANA.

@ Narita airport → Tokyo (Haneda) airport
 ・Airport Limousine Bus: 1 hour & 30min;
 ・Train (change: one time): 1 hour &50 min

A Tokyo (Haneda) airport → Hakodate airport  September 11 (Wed.)
 ・JAL (Japan Air Line):1 hour & 20min;
   Flight/Operating Airline  From Haneda  To Hakodate
      JAL585       07:50     09:10
      JAL587       12:45     14:05
      JAL589       17:30     18:50
 ・ANA (All Nippon airline): 1 hour & 20min:
   Flight/Operating Airline  From Haneda  To Hakodate
      ANA4757       07:15     08:35
      ANA553       10:15     11:35
      ANA555       12:30     13:50
      ANA4759       14:40     16:00
      ANA557       17:40     19:00

BFrom Hakodate Airport.
 Take a taxi or a local bus.
(1) We recommend you to take a taxi., sine it takes only 10 min. from the airport tto the conference venue, the Hotel TAKUBOKUTEI.
(2) Taka a local bus at the bus teminal 3 which is shown below. It takes 8 min. and the fare is JPY 300 from the airport to the nearest bus stop "Yunokawaonsen",from which it takes 15 min. on foot to the Hotel "TAKUBOKUTEI".

This train route takes time, but you can enjoy the beautiful Japanese scenery from your train window of the Shinkansen-Bulet-Train-Line.
No Shinkansen Bullet Train line at the Narita Airport.
To take a train in Shinkansen Bullet train Line, first, take either (1) a local train of the Narita Express in the JR line to Tokyo Station or (2) take a local train of the Keisei-skyliner in the Keisei Line to the Keisei-ueno Station and walk for 11 minues to Ueno Station, and then take a train in the Shinkansen Bullet train line to the Shin-hakodate-hokuto station, from where take a local train in JR Hakodate Line to Hakodate Sation. Then walk to the Hakodate-ekimae Station for 3 minutes, from which take a street car via Goryokaku-koen Statin to Yunokawa-onsen Station, and walk 5 min. to the Hotel Takubokutei.
For the Hotels of Grantia Hakodate Goryokaku or Mystays Hakodate Goryokaku, get off at the Goryoukaku-koen Station in the street car line and walk, or take a taxi at the Goryokaku Station in JR Line.

Hotel Takubokutei
The conference is held in the second floor of the hotel.


Commencement of Abstract Submission January 1, 2019
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February 28, 2019
March 31, 2019
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