In the First Circular, we wrote Harmonized coexistence of human being with nature is now recognized as a global issue. Then The scope of the Congress focuses on Tribology as the key discipline for technological innovation in the 21st Century, because contribution of tribology to conservation of energy and resources, mainly through improving efficiency and increasing durability of machinery and equipment, is of critical importance for the goal.

After that, the worldwide economical crisis happened which no one had foreseen. It drastically decreased production of industry and has caused serious depression also in R&D activities. However, since more than 6 billion people have to survive in the future, this situation cannot continue forever and, sooner or later, industry must regain its activity. The technology needed at that moment for the successful turnaround of industry may not be simple extension of one which is in our hand now, and energy and resources must be its key issues. Thus the scope of the Congress quoted above has come to acquire additional significance.

We expect not only tribologists but also those who have any concern in tribology from all over the world will have a great time in exchanging views and ideas to find out new direction of tribology in plenary and technical sessions, symposia and a big technical exhibition, and thereby establishing new international personal networks. It must contribute to the innovation in the 21st Century and to the sustainable growth of society.

We look forward to welcoming you to WTC IV.

Yoshitsugu KIMURA
Chair, Organizing Committee
Chair, Executive Advisory Committee

Yoshitsugu Kimura
Organizing Committee

Professor Emeritus
The University of Tokyo,
Kagawa University

Masatami Takimoto
Executive Advisory Committee

Chief Executive Officer
Toyota Central R&D Labs.,Inc.

Ex-Executive Vice President
Toyota Motor Corporation